Things to do with your dog

My beloved dog Cali is a big part of my life, so I have decided to write a post for all dog lovers out there to provide you with ideas for fun, doggy-friendly activities. When you want to have a doggy day out, it always helps if the weather is nice. When the sun is smiling down on you and you have a free day, then head out to the park with your pooch to get some exercise. As I have previously posted, Cali loves car rides, so according to her the further you have to drive to get there, the better. Bring a ball or a frisbee and play that age-old game of fetch. It never seems to get boring for dogs, so you pretty much have a guaranteed winner.

As getting outside and running around is most dogs’ idea of heaven, this is your best bet if you are spending the day with them. Once you have finished checking e-mails or playing bingo on head out, and make sure to bring your energy. If you want to get some proper exercise, then put on your running gear, tracksuit, trainers and all, and start jogging. Your dog will follow on with all the energy in the world and you will both get some valuable exercise.

Unfortunately, doggies still need walking whatever the weather, however this is one of the things I love about them. If it looks gloomy and cloudy outside or even, god forbid, it is raining, it is easy to dismiss a walk in the fresh air in favour of lounging around in front of the television under a cosy blanket. While this is great most of the time, it can be really refreshing to get out and enjoy the weather and when you have a dog, you are forced to do thi