Who needs a makeover?

I’m having a Grand Re-Opening Giveaway on Zany Dezines this week because the move to WordPress is complete! Plus Jenn has joined me and is doing ad cards for your blogs!     And in order to Celebrate I’m giving away a 50% off wordpress design!   Mandatory Entry: Subscribe to ZD via RSS & […]

Who Loves Giveaways??

 **Update** Extended the Giveaway ** So I love having Giveaways so I decided to have one this weekend :)  I’m going to be giving away a bunch of Design Certificates for Zany Dezines. Plus I’ll have the same giveaway on ZD and Amanda is going to be hosting one too. So thats 3 different chances […]

Live Giveaway

ok people remember how I said I was having a live giveaway but I didn’t know the exact times yet? well I have the information now :)  on Thursday I am leaving to go to Madison because on Friday morning I will be freezing my butt off sitting at Camp Randall Stadium watching West De […]

Who want’s a Makeover??

Updated: Extended w/ more ways to win! It’s been awhile since I gave away a Design (on here at least) and since I promised that when I reached 200 followers I’d do a Blog Design Giveaway…here it is! Now your probably wondering what you’ll get if you win. Well, you’ll win…. What’s Included: – Header- […]

Don’t Forget…

My Giveaways (here & on my Design site) end on sunday at noon CST. I’ll try my hardest to announce the winners later that day but I have no idea what my plans are for sunday. Tonight I’m going to a concert so I won’t be around much later in the day.  Feel free to […]

Check it out! I’m featured!

So along with all the other giveaways the I have going on (The birthday site, Survior, Full blog makeover & Twitter Background) The FAMOUS Supahmommy is featuring ME over on her Swagbag site! and if you go check it out (Which is a must!) you have another chance to win a free blog Makeover + […]

It’s time for another Giveaway!

So in honor of me reaching 100 followers, it being my Birthday on the 28th, And it FINALLY being SpringI’ve decided to do a MAJOR giveaway!  I’m giving all of you guys a chance to win a free blog makeover! This is what you’ll get: InstallBackgroundHeaderButtonSignatureSidebar TitlesNavigationFaviconCustom Post Divider2 or 3 column (or split sidebar)Social […]